In The History of Asia’s Tragic Economic Crisis, The One Person Who Is Ever Going To Be Remembered Is "Philanthropist Entrepreneur Sandun Wijemanne Nissanka."

We all agree that making a donation is the ultimate expression of solidarity. Words are not as powerful as actions. And this is completely correct. We are all aware of the tragic news that has been spreading overall social media and news portals concerning the "Srilanka Economic Crisis" and this news not only makes the people of Sri Lanka sad but also forces them to confront the most difficult time of their lives. Inflation is raging throughout Sri Lanka, and people are losing hope. But there is one person who has become a beacon of hope for millions of Sri Lankans, and that person is none other than "Philanthropist Entrepreneur Sandun Nissanka."
Wijemanne Nissanka is not just a name but is the all over the most famous name for the people of Sri Lanka and the United States. At presently today we all know that people and most businesses believe in satisfying their individual power but not all and this is what we came to know about when philanthropist Entrepreneur Sandun won 1000s of Sri Lanka families’ hearts. His main motto is to spread happiness and to wipe the tears of many families as much as he can. The high inflation rates not only steal people's livelihood but also affect their happiness and expectations. But fortunately and we can say that by God's Grace God has made such a kind person and the biggest Entrepreneur who helped 1000s of families by providing them with essential needs the media. 
Not only a philanthropist but a globally well-known entrepreneur by profession. With his music distribution company, he is altering the game in the Sri Lankan music industry and assisting artists to go global, which transforming their lives. Owning various businesses in five nations, including Bonfire, CeylonX, Serandip Music Group and some more. Recently he confirmed the 4th franchise of his company Bonfire with over 34,000 catalogs which is unimaginable for someone to achieve at the mere age of 23. Once again Sandun has proved age is just a number. 

It doesn't matter that he is living in the USA but his entire heart still resides in Sri Lanka and for the people of Sri Lanka. His attributes and his contribution is what we can't describe in the words. What we can do is just pray and support him to help Sri Lankans in this situation. We should be really proud to witness someone like Sandun in our history. Here’s wishing him all the best in his future endeavours.

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