India 'worst hit' country copes up! Records less than 3000 cases of death in last 24 hours
India 'worst hit' country copes up! Records less than 3000 cases of death in last 24 hours

New Delhi:The graph of corona havoc continues to decline. In the last 24 hours, 131,371 new corona cases have been registered in the country. Meanwhile, 2,706 people have lost their lives. However, new case and death figures have declined somewhat compared to Thursday's numbers. According to corona data released on Thursday, 1,34,154 new cases and 2,887 deaths were reported.

Delhi is witnessing a major relief in the number of new corona cases. Only 487 new cases have been registered there in 24 hours. In Maharashtra too, the figures are declining. Tell us that in the months of April and May in Delhi, there was a terrible corona havoc. According to Municipal Corporation of Delhi data, more than 34,750 death certificates were issued by the three municipal corporations. This is more than 250 per cent over the previous year.

In the months of April and May last year, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi had issued 9,916 death certificates. The second wave at the end of April this year was at its peak so most of these death certificates have been issued in May. The number of new cases of corona virus infection in India is declining. During the second wave, new cases are continuously decreasing after peak on May 7 and the load of active cases is also decreasing.

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