Does India want to sell PPE kits abroad?
Does India want to sell PPE kits abroad?

In the Corona transition, the Indian apparel export industry plans to increase production of personal protective equipment (PPE) kits and hold the largest share in the $ 60 billion global markets. It has also requested the government to lift the ban on export of PPE kits.

For your information, let us tell you that during the pandemic, the industry started production of PPE kits and took the market from zero units to 8 lakhs per day in less than four months. We thank the Minister of Textiles for inspiring the Indian apparel industry to reach the production of 8 lakh PPE pieces per day. The enterprising apparel industry led by Textiles Secretary Ravi Kapoor is set to play an important role in the global market for PPE, which Dr. A Sakthivel, President of the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC), said over $ 60 billion over the next five years Is estimated to be.

Apart from this, the industry is planning to move forward, AEPC has requested the government to lift the ban on export of PPE kits. It has sent letters to the Minister of Commerce and Industry and the Minister of Textiles. At the same time, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and other countries have lifted the ban on PPE exports and are receiving huge orders. We are afraid of losing the export market to our competitive countries. The production of PPE is sufficient to meet the overdose. The country can be opened for further export, ”said Dr. Sakthivel, saying that the US and Europe are the biggest potential buyers.

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