Indian monsoon responsible for fire in Australia
Indian monsoon responsible for fire in Australia

Sydney: A very surprising news has come out that the delayed return of the Indian monsoon is a big reason behind the fire that raged in the jungles of Australia. A scientist who studies on forest fires has claimed this. Let us tell you that due to this fire in the bushes of the forest, 3 people have died so far. 150 houses are burnt. Thousands of people have had to evacuate their homes.

Melbourne University's associated scientist Trent Penham has said that behind the fire in Australia, the Indian monsoon is to end. Penham says that the changing seasons throughout the world are interlinked. They cannot be seen apart. Meaning it is hot somewhere and it is cold somewhere. But they are connected to each other in some way.

But the most surprising thing is whether the delayed departure of the Indian monsoon can affect any region of Australia (Darwin - where there is a fire) located 10,000 km away? This time in India, there has been record rainfall till the middle of October. However, the southwest monsoon in Asia ends between June and September every year. Then these winds move towards the south.

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