Indore: Corona increases rapidly in three days,  9 places declares cantonment area
Indore: Corona increases rapidly in three days, 9 places declares cantonment area

Frequent cases of corona are also coming up in Indore. After the arrival of 5 new cases on Thursday night, the number of positives has now increased to 15 in 3 days. Of this, a 65-year-old woman resident of Ujjain and a 65-year-old resident of Indore died. In Indore, the speed of the corona at the rate of 300% has been stirred. In the first 54 days, no case was revealed here, but for 3 consecutive days, 5-5 cases are coming out. Meanwhile, the administration has declared those areas of the city as cantonment (prohibition) areas, where positive patients have been found.

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According to officials, the new 5 patients who were found on Thursday night, their condition is now stable. On Wednesday, 10 corona infected patients were found, their near and close ones are being screened. Five patients who were found in the morning, 29 people have come in contact with them, while 40 people met or stayed with the patients who met late in the night. 69 screenings are being done in this way. Cantonment area (prohibition) will be up to three km from the patients' house and no person will be allowed to come and go in it. More than eight thousand people of these areas have become home quarantined.

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These areas are named Chandanagar, 12/1 Ranipura, 566 Sneh Nagar, 6 Manish Bagh, Maple Wood Building A One Block, Nipania, 128 Silavatpura, 56/3 Daulatganj, 22 Daudi Nagar Khajrana Road, 813 Khatiwala Tank. Declaring these houses as AP centers, there will be a cantonment area within the radius of 3 km and a buffer zone in the radius of 5 km. Employees will be screening at the exit point. Every day the team will go to 50 houses and take a report. The relatives of the positive case, close, contact will be monitored for 14 days.

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