Indore: Dengue cases reached 86
Indore: Dengue cases reached 86

Indore: Indore is receiving intermittent rain these days and this has raised concerns here. In fact, 8 new dengue cases have been reported in a day, Monday. The number of patients found so far has gone up to 86. At present, the number of dengue cases in Indore is increasing and people are surprised to see it. Let me tell all of you that so far the Health Department has surveyed the houses and found larvae in 700 houses. You must be aware that other seasonal diseases are taking place during rainy days and district malaria officer Dr. Daulat Patel says the total number of patients in Indore has reached 86 so far. Similarly, citizens are now being sensitized by the Corporation to prevent dengue malaria and other seasonal diseases.

There are reports that the Commissioner directed the NGO team, CSI, Assistant CSI Dagar to carry out awareness campaigns in their respective zones and ward areas. In addition, crude oil and larval pesticides are being sprayed by the Corporation through the malaria department at various places in the city to prevent malaria and dengue. Let me tell all of you that medicines are currently being sprayed and fogged in the city to prevent dengue, malaria, and other seasonal diseases. What are the symptoms of dengue - Symptoms of dengue fever Can be fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, and pain around the eyes in two to seven days.

Blood starts leaking from the nose, gums, stomach, or intestine in the same critical condition. Tell you that make-Eliza (IGM) pest tests are done in case of fever for one to five days and fever of more than five days. Also, tell you that measures should be taken to prevent mosquito breeding, mosquito bites to prevent dengue. However, dengue affects young children, the elderly, and the fetus more.

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