Israel and Hamas Agree Deal to Pause Fighting, Set to Free at Least 50 Hostages
Israel and Hamas Agree Deal to Pause Fighting, Set to Free at Least 50 Hostages

In exchange for Palestinians detained in Israeli jails, Israel and Hamas have reached a temporary ceasefire agreement that would allow the release of over fifty prisoners who have been detained in Gaza since the armed group's invasion of southern Israel on October 7.

Following negotiations on a deal mediated by Qatar that lasted into the small hours of Wednesday morning, during which Israeli media reported tense interactions between cabinet members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's administration, the Israeli cabinet approved the accord.

In the end, National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir and two other members of his far-right political party were the only three of the 38 cabinet members to vote against the ceasefire.
The office of the prime minister announced that the agreement would necessitate Hamas to release a minimum of 50 women and children over a four-day ceasefire period. It was mentioned that for every additional 10 hostages released, the ceasefire would be prolonged by one day. However, there was no mention of the exchange involving Palestinian prisoners.

"The government of Israel is committed to repatriating all hostages. Tonight, it sanctioned the proposed agreement as an initial step towards achieving this objective," stated the office in a concise announcement.

Hamas, in control of Gaza, also issued a statement confirming the release of 50 women and children detained in the territory in exchange for Israel releasing 150 Palestinian women and children from Israeli prisons.

According to their statement, Israel would halt all military activities in Gaza, and hundreds of trucks carrying humanitarian aid, medical supplies, and fuel would be permitted entry into the territory.

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