the bomb, that could destroy Iran's infrastructure
the bomb, that could destroy Iran's infrastructure

Amid escalating tensions between Israel and its neighboring adversaries, particularly the ongoing conflict in Gaza, there are concerns of a potential attack by Iran. Rumors suggest Iran may be considering such a move, prompting speculation about Israel's response.In a possible move of desperation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could deploy Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) bombs against Iran in retaliation.

A security and defense analyst commented, stating that should Iran launch a direct attack on strategic Israeli sites, Israel could respond unconventionally with EMP bombs. These weapons, designed to emit an EMP pulse, could incapacitate electronic devices within an unspecified radius, affecting Tehran and other major Iranian centers, including nuclear facilities.

The analyst emphasized that while EMP bombs wouldn't directly cause casualties, they could cripple Iran's infrastructure, providing Israel with a strategic advantage. The prospect of neutralizing Iran's operational capacity might be crucial for Israel, particularly amidst concerns of a broader conflict. Such a move could buy time for both Israel and other stakeholders to reassess and formulate their next steps, potentially averting a larger-scale conflict.

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