Jat mahapanchayat bans death banquet, child marriage and drinking

Jaipur: The Jat Mahapanchayat in Chauhatan of Barmer district of Rajasthan has taken a unique initiative to end social evils. In this mahapanchayat, ban on the banquet, child marriage, drunk as well as DJ in weddings has also been banned. The Jat Mahapanchayat has formed a team of 21 people to monitor these social evils. In fact, in the desert area, after the death banquet is fiercely intoxicating, but now the Mahapanchayat has stopped it.

Hundreds of Jat community including Mahant Jagdishpuri of Chauhatan Monastery, Dhuna Panniyo of Dharampuri, Mahant Jagarampuri of Dharampuri participated and passed the decision of social reform, reflecting on the bad effects on the society and people due to the evils spread in the society. Actually, the Jat community in rural areas spends millions of rupees on the death of a person. A poor family takes a loan for this expense and is engaged in repaying throughout its life. This makes the situation of the family more crispy.

Giving information, the Bakdevaram Mirdha hostel member Devi Lal has said that a committee of 21 members has been formed to monitor the decisions. The decision taken by the society is being welcomed everywhere not only in Barmer but also in Rajasthan.

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