Jalandhar Police Seizes Gold Worth ₹60 Lakhs in Phillor Area
Jalandhar Police Seizes Gold Worth ₹60 Lakhs in Phillor Area

Amritsar: Jalandhar police conducted a search drive in the Phillor police station area and seized gold worth ₹60 lakhs, officials said on Tuesday. During a checking drive conducted under the Model Code of Conduct in place after the Lok Sabha polls, the police stopped a vehicle and recovered approximately 1 kg of gold.

Upon discovering the gold, the police informed the GST department, following which Excise and Taxation Officer (ETO) D S Cheema took possession of the gold and examined the accompanying documents. As the documents were found to be inauthentic, the gold was deposited in the government treasury. Providing details about the incident, D S Cheema stated that they are closely monitoring tax evaders and any anti-social activities related to tax evasion.

He mentioned, "Earlier, the Mobile Wing Jalandhar had seized a significant amount of gold worth crores, and today, gold worth lakhs was seized again. During a checking drive, Phillor police station officers stopped a suspicious vehicle and recovered gold. The individual in the vehicle did not possess proper documents related to the gold, and the police alerted the GST Mobile Wing, Jalandhar."

Cheema further explained, "Upon reaching the spot, I took possession of the vehicle and gold. After examining the documents, which were found to be inauthentic, the gold was sealed and deposited in the government treasury. The recovered gold is valued at around ₹63 lakhs. The Election Commissioner and Income Tax Department have been notified of this development."

During the initial investigation, the driver of the vehicle claimed that he had come to Jalandhar from Delhi to showcase gold article designs to traders, collect orders, and transport gold. However, he was unable to provide complete documentation related to the gold, he added.

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