Joe Biden sleeps while meeting with Israel PM Naftali Bennet, Benjamin Netanyahu mocks

Jerusalem: Former Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has slammed us President Joe Biden and current Israeli Prime Minister Neftali Bennett over their meeting. Reacting to the meeting, Netanyahu posted a video on social media which is fast going viral. Netanyahu is seen in the video. Suddenly a voice is heard in the background. It says 'You know, Bennett and Biden met.'

In the video, Netanyahu says, 'Yes, I know it. I had learnt that the focus was so much in the meeting that his head was bent downwards. Saying this, Netanyahu also copied Biden.' Netanyahu's office has clarified the issue after the controversy escalated. His office said Netanyahu was referring to Neftali Bennett, not Biden. State that he met the US President on August 27, 2021, after Neftali Bennett became Israel's PM. A video of their meeting had gone viral on social media. It claimed that Biden had fallen asleep for a while during a meeting with Bennett. Netanyahu has released the video to take a dig at the incident.

The video claiming Biden's gold at the Bennett and Biden meeting went viral on social media. Many shared the video and wrote that Biden did not take Bennett seriously and fell asleep while Bennett spoke. However, the news agency Reuters later released the full video of the meeting. That video showed Biden not sleeping, he had just closed his eyes for a while. Biden had also responded to Bennett after he was finished. The video that was going viral on social media was only a short clip of the meeting.

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