Kanika finishes the stunt and wins the medal, 14th August, Khatron Ke Khiladi 12

In the today’s episode, Rohit Shetty questions the competitors about their readiness to take home the "K" medal. He explains that whoever wins the medal can exchange it for the stunt in order to avoid performing it. The contestant can make use of it during the elimination round as well, or they can aid in saving the participants who have already advanced to that stage. He explains that the remaining six contestants will be chosen by the four contestants (Nishant, Sriti, Mohit, and Tushar) to withdraw from the stunt. They are startled. Faisu is Nishant's choice. Jannat is Mohit's choice. Pratik is Sriti's choice. Rubina is Tushar's choice.

Sriti, Mohit, Tushar, Rajiv, Nishant, and Kanika are informed by Rohit. Tushar and Mohit will perform the stunt while riding trucks, according to Rohit, and there will be a start line. Up until they cross the finish line, they will need to gather the flags from the rope that connects the two trucks. Mohit completes the task while Tushar struggles to gather the flags. On trucks that are moving, Nishant and Tushar dance. Later, Rohit announces that the next stunt will involve two people, one of whom will be enclosed in a box with a look.

The other person must use their mouth to take a chilli pepper from the scorpion-filled box and place it in their partner's box, which is also filled with snakes and iguanas. The next step is to string two pairs of lemon and chilli peppers (like the one that is used to ward off the evil eye). The winning pair will advance to the next round alongside Mohit. Sriti and Rajiv start it off and complete it. Next up are Nishant and Kanika. Sriti then displays her mastery of the dragon staff. The following stunt involves driving and is participated in by Nishant, Kanika, and Mohit. Kanika completes the assignment and receives the "K" medal.

Paramveer Chakra captain Karam Singh

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