UP: Live-in partner punishes a woman for asking for money
UP: Live-in partner punishes a woman for asking for money

A piece of big news has come from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. In fact, here a woman has been attacked by her partner with a knife. It is being told that the woman was attacked with a knife about two dozen times, in which she was badly injured. She was then admitted to the hospital, where she got around 200 stitches. The woman's condition remains critical. However, the story behind this attack is quite shocking. It is being told that a woman living in a live-in had asked for money from her partner and angered by this, the partner attacked her with a knife. However, the special thing is that the partner called her to a hotel and then stabbed her with a knife. After that, the bleeding woman was admitted to the hospital. She has been hit on his nose and ear.

It is being told that a woman named Neha Pandey lives in Badshahi Naka of Kanpur and she had given money on loan to her live-in partner Arvind Rathore. One day Neha Pandey asked for this money and Arvind Rathore got angry after hearing this. After that, he started planning to teach Neha Pandey a lesson and he called Neha to the hotel Holiday. As soon as Neha arrived, he got involved in the hospitality. During this, Arvind gave water to Neha and Neha was drinking water, when Arvind attacked Neha with a knife. After this, several blows were made one after the other and Neha, who was in a pool of blood, fell on the ground.

At the same time, Arvind dragged her to a room in the hotel, where Neha locked herself from inside before he could kill her. At the same time, Neha started shouting from inside. During this time, Arvind ran away after hearing the noise, but when the hotel staff reached the spot and saw Neha's condition, they immediately informed the police. The police then admitted her to the district hospital, where doctors performed surgery on Neha for three hours and had to get around 200 stitches. Now Arvind will be arrested soon.

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