Kerala High Court Rejects CBI Probe Plea in Dr Vandana Das Murder Case
Kerala High Court Rejects CBI Probe Plea in Dr Vandana Das Murder Case

The Kerala High Court has dismissed a plea requesting a CBI investigation into the tragic killing of Dr. Vandana Das. The incident occurred at a taluk hospital in Kollam district in May last year, where Dr. Das was brutally attacked by a patient.

The court, presided over by Justice Bechu Kurian Thomas, rejected the plea put forth by Dr. Das's father. He had alleged that the local police hastily concocted the First Information Statement (FIR) to absolve themselves of responsibility.

Awaiting a detailed judgment explaining the dismissal, Dr. Das's father, K G Mohandas, had claimed that the police had hastily fabricated the FIR, supposedly obtained from a friend of the deceased. According to the plea, this statement was obtained while the friend was en route to the hospital, accompanying Dr. Das for treatment.

Furthermore, the petition highlighted alleged security lapses by the police, accusing them of conducting a lackadaisical and indifferent investigation to cover up their negligence.

Dr. Das, who hailed from the Kaduthuruthy area of Kottayam district, was the only child of her parents. She worked as a house surgeon at Azeezia Medical College Hospital and was serving at the Kottarakkara taluk hospital as part of her medical training.

The assailant, identified as G Sandeep, a school teacher by profession, had been brought to the hospital by police for treatment during the early hours of May 10. Subsequently, he launched a sudden attack using surgical scissors found in the treatment room, injuring not only police officers but also a private individual who had accompanied him. Tragically, Dr. Das, unable to escape, fell victim to Sandeep's assault and sustained fatal stab wounds. She later succumbed to her injuries at a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram.

The denial of the CBI probe request adds another layer to the ongoing legal proceedings surrounding this heinous crime.

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