'Leave it to Parliament to decide..', Bar Council also opposes same-sex marriage
'Leave it to Parliament to decide..', Bar Council also opposes same-sex marriage

New Delhi: Hearing is going on in the Supreme Court these days in the matter of giving legal recognition to same-sex marriage. In the court, the central government has opposed the right to same-sex marriage. After the Central Government, now the Bar Council of India (BCI) and the State Bar Councils have also opposed this hearing saying that considering the social, cultural and religious diversity of the country, this matter should be left to the Parliament. The resolution was passed at a joint meeting of BCI chief Manan Kumar Mishra and other state bar councils. 

The resolution said that if a matter alters the basic social structure of the country, it has wide-ranging implications. This can have far reaching consequences. If such a rule is imposed, it must come from the legislative process. The resolution said that any decision in this matter by the apex court could be harmful for our future generations. 

It was told in the proposal that this is a very sensitive issue. Many sections of the society oppose it. The Bar Council has requested the Supreme Court to leave the matter to Parliament. BCI has said that 99.9 percent of the people of the country oppose same-sex marriage. Many people feel that any decision of the apex court would be in favor of the petitioners which would be against the socio-religious fabric of the country. 

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