People enjoy pizza after 60 days, hotel and restaurant can get this relaxation
People enjoy pizza after 60 days, hotel and restaurant can get this relaxation

Indore: Everything was closed due to the lockdown, but now things are starting slowly. At the same time, after receiving permission from the district administration for home delivery of online food, three pizza outlets started in the city on Wednesday. With this, their online home delivery has also started. In this way, pizza was reached to people, including children, about 60 days after the lockdown period. After the permission of online food delivery in the city by the district administration, it is expected that in a day or two, food items of hotels and restaurants will also reach people.

Along with this, a list of about 225 hotels, restaurants and outlets has been submitted by the district administration through Indore Hotel Association, Online Food Delivery and Pizza Burger Delivery Outlets of the city, who want to deliver food. Of these, about 50 are hotels and the rest are restaurants and outlets. There are also three to four outlets of 56 shops. Apart from this, three-four outlets of bullion are included.

For your information, let us tell you that food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy and Indore Hotel Association are rated on the basis of the food quality of the hotels and restaurants, the choice of people and the hygiene quality of the kitchen. Hotels, restaurants and outlets have been selected for online food delivery only on the basis of such ratings given to hotels, restaurants and outlets by Food Delivery App and Association in the past and they are allowed to operate only kitchen is. It has been agreed in writing from everyone that they will run the kitchen for home delivery, they will not be able to call the customer directly and also provide food or parcels. They will provide online home access service only.

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