Looting for Literally 'Concrete' Reasons: Bihar's Road Bandits
Looting for Literally 'Concrete' Reasons: Bihar's Road Bandits

Patna: In Jehanabad, Bihar, villagers have taken a rather unconventional approach to address their infrastructure needs – by "looting" an under-construction road. A viral video of the incident has been making rounds on the internet, shedding light on the audacious act of local residents. In the video, villagers can be seen collecting cement concrete mixture from the road construction site using spades and plastic containers, all in broad daylight.

This bizarre incident occurred in Audan Bigha village, within the Makhdoompur block, where a 3-kilometer-long road was under construction as part of the Mukhyamantri Sadak Gram Yojana. However, even before the construction work could be completed, some villagers decided to help themselves to the plain cement concrete (PCC) material without anyone questioning or stopping them. In the video, men, women, and children can be seen actively participating in the looting, with onlookers gathered around, seemingly unfazed.


The road had been inaugurated three months prior by Satish Kumar das, a local RJD MLA, but construction delays due to materials being pilfered by locals had hampered its completion. Mr. Das explained that he had secured approval for the road under the Mukhyamantri Sadak Gram Yojana, and most of the work was finished. Only the PCC work near the village needed completion. He has now directed police officers to ensure the road's construction is completed.

A complaint regarding the incident has been filed at the Makhdumpur police station, and an investigation is currently underway. MLA Satish Kumar Das expressed his concern about the incident and urged contractors to take action. It's worth noting that Bihar has witnessed a series of unusual thefts, including entire bridges, a two-kilometer-long railway track in Samastipur district, mobile towers in Patna, and even a railway engine in Begusarai's Barauni station. Despite Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's claims of good governance, these thefts have raised eyebrows about law and order in the state.

The extraordinary incidents in Bihar continue to baffle authorities, leaving many questioning the effectiveness of governance and administration in the state. These bizarre thefts have grabbed headlines and sparked conversations about law and order, or lack thereof, in Bihar.

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