'Love jihad is nonsense, govt has gone mad': NCP leader Jitendra Awhad
'Love jihad is nonsense, govt has gone mad': NCP leader Jitendra Awhad

Mumbai: The cases of love jihad are increasing day by day. However, now NCP leader Jitendra Awhad has given a statement regarding these matters. Recently he said- 'Love Jihad etc are nonsense. Where are there no divorces? The formation of a 10-member inter-caste-inter-religious marriage coordination committee brought by Mangal Prabhat Lodha, Minister of Women and Child Development in the Shinde-Fadnavis government of Maharashtra, is a step to take Maharashtra back 200 years.' Yes, and he said all these things while answering the questions of journalists. He said, 'By showing the fear of love jihad, the government is working to strengthen the caste system. This circular of the government is anti-constitutional and violative of fundamental rights.'

With this, Jitendra Awhad said, 'It is good that the government did not say that it will see the horoscopes of boys and girls before marriage, then it will agree to such inter-caste and inter-religious marriages.' With this, the NCP leader said, 'Under this system, before inter-caste or inter-religious marriage, its information will have to be given to the government. After this, the government panel will discuss it with the parents of boys and girls. What right does the government have to keep records of such marriages? Marriage is a personal matter for every person. The government should withdraw this step immediately. The work of strengthening the caste system has started.'

Awhad further said, 'This government has gone mad. They should know the history of Maharashtra and that Mahatma Phule had adopted a Brahmin child named Yashwant. Shahu Maharaj did the first marriage of his house with a family of the Dhangar community. Babasaheb Ambedkar's second wife was a Brahmin. Dr. Babasaheb burnt Manusmriti in protest against the caste system. After this, a lot of inter-caste marriages have taken place in this Maharashtra.'

Apart from this, the NCP leader and former minister in the Maharashtra government said, 'But now before doing inter-caste marriages, will have to inform the government about it. Which system is this? What is the need to tell the government? When there is a system of becoming an adult after 18 years, then why tell the government before marriage?' Awhad says that it is also written in the circular that the government will discuss with the parents of the daughter at the time of such marriages. The parents may not agree and those children are getting married against the wishes of their parents. But who are you to keep its track record? Many times their parents do not talk to such girls for the rest of their life, but the family of the daughter runs properly.

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