There was a big flaw in the oxygen supply, read report
There was a big flaw in the oxygen supply, read report

Shortcomings revealed in third party audit in laying pipeline for oxygen supply at Centenary Phase-II of King George Medical University have been revealed. Due to which the company M/s Pushpa Sales Private Limited has been blacklisted. According to the order issued by Special Secretary Alok Kumar Pandey, many such mistakes were found in the Third Party Audit, which could be fatal for the patients. In the order, the company also mentioned the death of children due to disturbances in oxygen supply in BRD, Gorakhpur in 2017. In which, an FIR was also made against Pushpa Sales.

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Many flaws have come out in the third party audit. At the time of audit, most of the copper pipeline was covered with a false ceiling, so it could not be investigated. In addition, the air receiver tank also did not work. Questions also arose in the welding of the pipeline. Saddle damage along the pipeline was found in oxygen plant rooms and wards. In surgical oncology, the pipe was placed at a very low height.

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Apart from this, the supply of oxygen in KGMU's Shatabdi Phase-2 was completed in the year 2018 by Pushpa Sales and handed it over to KGMU. In June this year, after a complaint of disturbances, a third-party audit was ordered on June 27. Earlier, the issue of disturbances had arisen, raising serious questions on the amount of oxygen in the pipeline, pressure, humidity and air dryer standards. An alarm system was not found working to alert it.

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