Drunk girl created ruckus in the middle of the road, broke army's gypsy
Drunk girl created ruckus in the middle of the road, broke army's gypsy

Gwalior: A drunk girl on the road in the middle of Gwalior city of Madhya Pradesh was furious. She is said to be a model of Delhi. The girl stood in the middle of the road and stopped commuters. The crowd gathered around. Meanwhile, an Army gypsy also came there, the girl stopped her too and stood up from her.

Soon the girl started kicking in the gypsy, which broke the gypsy's headlights, and when the young man got off the gypsy, the girl pushed him too. This high voltage drama stop was going on near the police station itself. No woman could catch the girl as there were no police in the police station. People kept making videos. Soon when the police came from the woman's police station, she was taken into custody. The girl also underwent a medical test in which she was found drunk. Two women rushed to the police station to save her. All three came from Delhi. However, it is not known why the three women had come to Gwalior from Delhi.

The girl who created the ruckus was wearing a black skirt and a white top. She was about 22-23 years old. It was only after leaving the nearby hotel that she staggered onto the road. Stop police station TI Vivek Asthana says that the girl who was creating ruckus in the street has been taken into custody, she is being investigated as to why there was so much commotion and for what work she came Gwalior from Delhi.

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