Ravan Pujan takes place in these districts of MP

Vijayadashmi is being celebrated across the country today. On this festival, Shri Ram is worshipped and Ravan is cremated. However, there are some places in Madhya Pradesh where there is a tradition of worshipping Ravana and his family. Yes, the list includes Vidisha and Rajgarh in Madhya Pradesh and some other places. People worship Ravan here. The villagers here still make Ravan happy by offering prayers to him, not Dahan. It is said that the tradition of burning Ravan on Vijayadashmi is very old but there is a tradition of worshipping him. There is a village in Natteran tehsil of Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh where Ravana will be specially worshipped.

In fact, there is a lying statue of Ravan who is worshipped here. Not only that, any auspicious work in this village begins only after worshipping in the temple of Ravan. On the other hand, Meghnad Baba has a pulpit in Palita village near Ganjbasauda in Vidisha. There is a pillar on this platform, which is considered to be a symbol of Meghnad. It is said that it is specially worshipped today i.e. on Dussehra. Not only that, but the villagers also believe that Baba Meghnad should be worshipped before doing any auspicious work.

At the same time, there is a 20 feet tall statue at Kaladev village in Lateri in Vidisha district, where Vijaydashmi, like Gotmar Mela in Chhindwara district, is attacked with a sling. Here, a stone attack is considered to be a symbol of the Battle of Ram-Ravan. However, no one injures. Ravana is also worshipped on Vijayadashmi at Bhatkhedi in Rajgarh.

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