Only 2 bulbs in the hut, and the electricity bill Rs 1 lakh
Only 2 bulbs in the hut, and the electricity bill Rs 1 lakh

Mumbai: The electricity department in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, has sent an electricity bill of Rs 1 lakh 380 to a poor farmer. The bill was only for a month, seeing which the ground slipped under the feet of the farmer. In fact, the farmer lives in a small hut, he has neither a cooler, nor a fan, no fridge, no TV, nor any other electronic device to consume electricity. There are only 2 bulbs, which are closed all day. Even after this, the farmer was given a bill of lakhs of rupees.  

The distressed farmer rushed directly to the office of the electricity department in a fit of rage and got the officials to apprise them of the matter. The officials ordered to pay 44 thousand 290 rupees while reducing the electricity bill. But, the farmer says that the reason why such a long bill was given to him, he was not told the reason. However, he lives in a small hut. According to the farmer, he has used only 20 units of electricity. In such a situation, how can the electricity bill come to 1 lakh 380 rupees? On this, no official of the electricity department is willing to talk about this matter.

The victim's nephew, Kantu Kotnake, has said that his elder father's one-month electricity bill has come to Rs 1 lakh 380. There is no fridge, no fan in the house, there is no other electric appliance. There are only two or three bulbs in the house. He is a poor farmer. So how will he pay the bill, my uncle is very worried about it.

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