Navneet Rana's troubles increased as soon as he came out of jail
Navneet Rana's troubles increased as soon as he came out of jail

Amravati MP Navneet Rana and her husband, MLA Ravi Rana, may face problems once again. In fact, we are saying this because the Maharashtra government can go to court again against both. Both the couple were arrested on April 23. After that, on May 4, the couple was granted bail by the court on several conditions, yes and one of them was that the couple would not talk to the media. However, Navneet Rana has made it difficult for himself by making a statement as soon as he is released.

Let us tell you all that on May 4, the court had granted bail to Navneet Rana and Ravi Rana and had put a condition of not making statements in the media. The two had come out on bail on May 5 following the bail order. After coming out of jail, MP Navneet Rana had gone to Lilavati Hospital for a medical examination and after that, he was admitted to the hospital. After being in the hospital for nearly three days, Navneet Rana was discharged today and as soon as he was discharged from the hospital, he made a statement in the media and has disobeyed the court order. In fact, while talking to the media, Navneet Rana challenged Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray.

At the same time, MP Navneet spoke of continuing his fight against the Maharashtra government. Let us tell you that the first condition of the conditions given by the court was that the Rana couple could not make any statements in the media on the case and they could not tamper with the evidence in any way. Not only this, but in the case in which he was arrested, he cannot do anything again. Both spouses will have to cooperate fully in the investigation. At the same time, if the investigation officer calls them for questioning, both of them will have to go. The officer will also have to give him a notice twenty-four hours in advance. Along with this, Navneet Rana and her husband will have to pay a bond of 50 thousand rupees each for the bell.

What justice is this! In Mumbai, 950 mosques were allowed to play loudspeakers, while only 24 got approval in temples.




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