Major Accident in Jharkhand! Train Suddenly Hits 12 Passengers, PM Modi Expresses Grief
Major Accident in Jharkhand! Train Suddenly Hits 12 Passengers, PM Modi Expresses Grief

Jamtara: A significant incident has occurred near Jamtara, Jharkhand. A train reportedly collided with several individuals between Jamtara and Vidyasagar stations. It is reported that 12 people have been caught in the train mishap, with the bodies of 2 individuals already recovered. The accurate estimate of those who lost their lives due to the darkness is yet to be determined. The rescue operation is also being delayed due to the darkness.

According to the received information, the Bangalore-Yeshvantpur Express was passing on the down line. Meanwhile, dust was flying along the line's edge, but upon seeing the dust, the driver sensed that the train was on fire and smoke was emanating. As a result, passengers disembarked as the train stopped, and during this time, several people lost their lives as they were hit by the approaching MEMU train. Prime Minister Modi has expressed sorrow over the rail accident. He stated that he was saddened to hear about the accident in Jamtara, Jharkhand. He expressed his condolences to those who have lost their loved ones and wished for the speedy recovery of the injured.

Meanwhile, the railway issued a statement regarding the incident. There was no mention of the possibility of fire. It was stated that Train No. 12254 had stopped due to the alarm chain being pulled. It was then that two individuals stepped onto the tracks and were crushed by the MEMU train. According to the railway, there was no incident of fire. The railway states that the deceased were not passengers of the train involved. A committee of three members has been formed to investigate the matter.

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