Man accused wife for adultery and threw acid on her face

Jun 11 2018 10:59 AM
Man accused wife for adultery and threw acid on her face

On Saturday, A man who was 40 years old splashed acid on wife’s face and eventually dies by consuming it himself in Karawal Nagar in New Delhi 
The man had doubts about his wife for adultery, they usually had fought for the same. The children were also injured in the chaos. The man died while the lady is hospitalised and is suffering from a really harsh time with 45% burns. 

The police were informed by a neighbour from a PCR.
As soon as the police were reported, they were sent to verify the matter and were immediately sent to the hospital.
On bringing them to the hospital, the man was stated dead while the wife faced severe burns and her heath was critical.

According to the police, on arriving at the location Yash was unconscious and the woman and children were sitting restless crying for help. 
They were rushed to the hospital with the help of the police.
The children are fine now, but the wife has suffered a lot and the condition is not stable. 
The neighbours revealed that Yash had kept the acid in the cupboard when the fight between the couple rose, he got it and threw it on her face, this was being witnessed by the children, who tried to stop him and therefore they also got injured in the chaos.


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