Indore Smart City has many deficiencies, Some places showed as green area in survey
Indore Smart City has many deficiencies, Some places showed as green area in survey

Bhopal: The green TT Nagar has been completely destroyed in the name of Indore Smart City. Before the smart city project, the TT city of 342 acres, which had 6000 trees according to the government records, actually more than a quarter of the trees have been cut and the remaining trees are also to be cut in the coming days. In order to juggle the data in the master plan made for the development of smart city, both Tatya Tope Stadium and Dussehra Ground have been called green. Whereas, neither a tree is planted here nor can it ever be planted. If this green part is removed in this master plan, after the development of smart city, only 6 to 8 percent of the area will remain green. According to the criteria of the same town planning, there should be 10 per cent green area. But before the development of Smart City in the 342 acres area in the middle of the city, neither a survey was done nor any discussion has been made with the people of the city.

It is a big question that when projects like Gammon India and Platinum Plaza did not succeed then how and who would get the benefit of developing more commercial space in the same area. The development of the Haat Bazaar right in front of this stadium is preventing its development. The commercial complex being built in the name of the Signature Tower will also create traffic and other problems.

Six towers under construction of government houses in front of Hotel Palash at one end of the Smart City remain the cause of the trouble. The traffic of these 1200 houses is sure to be formed on the road which will come in front of Hotel Palash. Apart from this, where will the sewage of these houses go? This is also a big question. Due to this, water supply will increase further, on which there is no plan. A city park can be built on one side near Boulevard Street by reviewing the plan of Smart City. With this, the green area can be increased by changing the plan. If there are more loopholes in the Smart City Master Plan. For example, Kamla Nehru School in Teenshed has been described as Residential. Overall, there are many shortcomings in the smart green plan.

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