Hostage Situation Unfolds in UP as Groom's Second Marriage Revealed
Hostage Situation Unfolds in UP as Groom's Second Marriage Revealed

Lucknow: In Uttar Pradesh's Pratapgarh district, a peculiar incident transpired when the family of a bride discovered that the groom, Raj Verma, was already married and attempting a second marriage. The situation quickly escalated into a hostage crisis, drawing the attention of local authorities.

Upon Raj Verma's arrival for his second marriage, the police intervened, disclosing his existing marriage and a filed complaint from his first wife. This revelation triggered the bride's family to take the groom, along with his father and maternal uncle, hostage. The family insisted they would not release them until the expenses incurred in preparing for the marriage were reimbursed.

As the situation intensified, the relatives who had gathered for the marriage left, realizing the severity of the unfolding trouble. The bride's family remained steadfast in their demand for compensation, leading to a standoff with the police, who attempted to mediate.

Over the course of several hours, a crowd gathered to witness the drama, highlighting the tensions between both sides. Eventually, the situation found resolution when the groom's family agreed in writing to pay the demanded amount, ensuring their release with the police as witnesses.

In a separate incident from Hardoi district, two men experienced shock when the women they had recently married escaped after collecting cash and jewelry on the same night. The sons of Naresh Pal, Pradeep, and Kuldeep, paid Rs 80,000 to a middleman to arrange their marriages, only to face immediate challenges.

These incidents underscore the complexities surrounding marital traditions in Uttar Pradesh, showcasing the intersection of legal matters, cultural norms, and the lengths to which families may go to address grievances.

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