Who is Matilda Kullu? Making it to the list of Forbes Powerful Women of India
Who is Matilda Kullu? Making it to the list of Forbes Powerful Women of India

Bhubaneswar: The name of an ASHA worker from Odisha is on the Forbes (Forbes) list of most powerful Indian women. Matilda Kullu, a 45-year-old tribal ASHA campaigner from Odisha's Sundergarh region, was also included in the Forbes India W-Power 2021 list, with celebrities such as Amazon Prime CEO Aparna Purohit and Salesforce India CEO Arundhati Bhattacharya. Forbes India puts Kullu third in the country for women's empowerment.

Matilda is working at the Badagaon tehsil's Gargadbahl village. Her journey has been fraught with problems and disappointments. People used to mock them for Her counsel and remarks, but now She are respected. Matilda Kullu comes from the Baragaon tehsil in Odisha's Sundergarh district. Matilda was hired as an asha worker in Gargadbahl village, Sundergarh district, 15 years ago. She has been tireless in her efforts to raise public awareness since then. Matilda's efforts have resulted in the residents of Baragaon tehsil visiting hospitals for treatment of ailments. In fact, due to Her ignorance, earlier people mistook the ailment for the result of black magic and sought treatment at Tantric-Ojha. Matilda began to raise awareness about this, and Her efforts eventually began to bear fruit. People are now aware of the dangers of black magic and are no longer enslaved by it.

Matilda's day starts at 5 a.m. She goes home with bicycles to keep the people healthy after caring for the pet animals and building a house-to-house heater. Her work in the village includes door-to-door vaccination of infants and teenage females, as well as pre-natal and post-natal check-ups for women. Simultaneously, it is Her responsibility to prepare for the child's birth, to tell them of all required precautions, and to counsel the villages on how to avoid HIV and other illnesses. For many years, this responsibility has been carried out with the highest seriousness.

Even during the Corona epidemic, Matilda did a great job and worked hard for vaccination in the area. Even during the Corona period, Matilda used to go to 50-60 houses every day and test people. Matilda Kullu, who earns Rs.4500 per month, has dedicated her entire life to the care of 964 people of Baragaon tehsil. Matilda is a corona warrior for these people. Matilda says she is proud of her work as it saves lives.

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