Mayor's formula fit, Owaisi helpTRS in mayor's election - sources
Mayor's formula fit, Owaisi helpTRS in mayor's election - sources

Hyderabad: The Mayor of GMC and deputy mayor will be elected on February 11. According to Owaisi, we have no desire for the post of mayor or deputy mayor. If the TRS needs to vote as mayor or deputy mayor of MIM, they will have to talk to us. MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi feels that the TRS has not yet contacted him for the mayor and deputy mayor election of greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Owaisi said he had not taken any initiative to speak to the TRS on his behalf and had not received any message from the TRS at the moment.

Sources said that the agreement between the two parties was signed in the election for the mayor. MIM councillors do not participate in the elections and the mayor's post comes to the TRS with a simple majority. Because of this strategy, the TRS does not even need to use the votes of its Ex-Officio members.

Since the GHMC elections, CM KCr's party TRS and Owaisi party MIM had to show each other's distance. In fact, in the GHMC election campaign in the firing style, the BJP said voting for TRS meant voting for Asaduddin Owaisi. Clearly, the Owaisi party's MIM vote will make the political advantage of taking the mayor and deputy mayordirectly into the BJP's bag, which will try to invest. The way to avoid this may be because of the lack of MIm councilors in the mayoral elections. Perhaps because of this, any official conversation is avoided.

In the GHMC elections, trs won 56 councillors, 48 bjp councilors and MIM 44 councilors. Congress had to settle for only 2 seats. There are 150 councillors in ghmc.

If 150 councillors attended the mayor's election and participated in the voting, 76 votes would be required to become mayor, but if all MIM councillors were not present, the number of attendees would be reduced to 106 at home.

In such a situation, to become mayor, only half of the councillors and 54 counselors are required. TRS has 56 councillors and thus become sustenent mayor.

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