Medical studies in Ukraine are cheap, know these important things related to Ukraine

At this time, the eyes of the whole world are on the rising tension between Ukraine and Russia. Military tensions between the two countries are not taking the name of stopping. India has also expressed concern over the situation arising between the two countries and called for peace. The Indian Embassy has said that the safety of its more than 20,000 students and citizens living in Ukraine is its priority. It has also been told that no travel of any kind should be made in Ukraine without any need. Let's know some important things about Ukraine that you need to know.

What is the currency of Ukraine?
The currency that runs in Ukraine is the Ukrainian Hryvnia. The price of a Ukrainian Hryvnia is equal to 2.61 Indian rupees and 0.035 US dollars. 

What is the language of Ukraine?
The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian. The Ukrainian language is written as the Cyrillic alphabet. Although Russian is also spoken in Ukraine, the official language is only Ukrainian. English is spoken or written in small quantities here.

Recognition of Medical Studies of Ukraine:-
The MBBS degree obtained from Ukraine is recognised all over India. Each year, students in large figures go to Ukraine for medical studies. The things needed to get a medical degree from here are like this.

Duration of the course - 6 years:-
Required Qualification- 50% marks in PCB in 12th and NEET Scorecard
Course fees – from US$3500 to US$5000
Medium of Study - English
Entrance Exam - NEET UG Exam

What is the total population of Ukraine?
The total population of Ukraine is 44.9 mil yin. The main religion here is Christianity.

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