Mehrauli Murder Case: Police collect victim's clothes from house
Mehrauli Murder Case: Police collect victim's clothes from house

NEW DELHI:  In an effort to find more information that will aid in the continuing investigation into Shraddha Walkar's gruesome murder, a Delhi Police team has taken Shraddha Walkar's clothing from the Chattarpur rental home she lived with her live-in partner Aftab Ameen Poonawalla.

Police said, the  criminal squad and forensic specialists  are thoroughly inspecting the rented property where the offence was committed.

Numerous items have already been taken from the home where Aftab murdered Shraddha on May 18 before chopping up her body into 35 pieces.

"Various combing operations have been conducted out in several spots, including some woodland areas, where bones were collected," a senior police official said in response to Aftab's disclosures.

Blood samples from Shraddha's father and brother will be taken for a 15-day DNA test to confirm that the bones belong to her.

The official added that the digital devices taken from the scene of the crime have also been sent for forensic data retrieval to see whether any damning material is present.

Aftab's every comment during questioning is being evaluated against the standard of admissible evidentiary value, he continued.

"To find the missing skeletal components, police teams are also conducting search operations. Several inter-disciplinary teams are continuously documenting, identifying contradictions, and improving the versions and justifications offered by the accused, "the official said.

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