Merging business excellence with his passion for the hospitality sector, make way for Abhi Shetty.

A closer look around us will let us know how things have changed over the years across the world, owing to the constant developments that most of the industries have noticed. These developments did not take place overnight but were the result of the rigorous efforts and consistency of a few exceptional individuals and professionals. It is necessary to highlight the successes of a few of these people, which mostly consist of younger talents. These talented beings are the ones who have even transformed the nightlife and hospitality sectors round the world. Abhi Shetty is one name that is gradually becoming prominent in the industry, thanks to his unending efforts and hard work that are now leading him and his brand "Barrels" towards top-notch success in the hospitality world across Dubai and Manipal, India. Especially Barrelsindia Club in Manipal, India has done exceedingly well for being the only innovative and modern-day club in the region.

No one really thought of ideating a different concept like Barrels in the industry and opening an outlet in Manipal, India, or even dared to open it in Dubai, which is already known for being a region welcoming numerous such brands and businesses in the hospitality space. However, Abhi Shetty took on the responsibility on his shoulders to create a massive client base and customers in both these places, pushing forward the industry's growth through his shrewd business tactics and courage as an entrepreneur. Designing and crafting mesmerizing experiences in the hospitality space has now become an everyday thing for this young Indian talent, offering soothing music and delicious food.

Barrelsindia club (@abhibarrels), his brand is already doing great in Dubai and India, and Abhi Shetty is working around the brand more to expand in these regions. He is a mechanical engineer who first worked in MNCs like TOTAL France. Hence, switching to the hospitality sector was something that did not happen for him overnight, but his passion for the industry and his aim to contribute to the nightlife, hospitality, and tourism sectors helped him carve his unique niche with his brand.

Abhi Shetty can't wait to open many more outlets of his in the near future.

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