Miami Model Victoria Triay Klein Opens Up On Her Love for Boxing and Healthy Lifestyle

It takes a lot of work to be a model. Sometimes, it's not just about how attractive you are. Physical fitness is also necessary for a model. Victoria Triay Klein is one such model that prioritises maintaining her mental and physical wellness. She has always been a fitness enthusiast and makes sure to take out at least 30 minutes, even on her busiest day, to exercise.

About her love for fitness, Victoria shares, "Fitness for me does not involve possessing a specific body type. Running or working out helps me feel like the stress in my body is leaving. After my workout, I don't feel worn out; rather, I feel refreshed. I can maintain both my physical and emotional wellness thanks to it."

Model Victoria Triay Klein loves running on the treadmill, doing yoga and different exercises. But what she enjoys the most is boxing. She learned boxing years ago and feels light after every boxing workout. About her love for boxing, the model shares, "When it comes to staying physically fit and active, different people have different preferences. Some love dancing, some love running outside, many love to try different equipments in the gym, and some individuals do yoga. I enjoy these workouts too. But what I love the most is boxing. It just helps me relieve every emotion I have trapped within me."

"I hope more and more women try boxing as a workout. It really helps ease the mind and body. I can't go a week without boxing. Physically, it helps in building strength. But mentally, it helps me stay focused, the model adds. Victoria shared that to stay fit, one shouldn't completely focus on just doing extreme workouts. What a person eats plays a key role in a healthy lifestyle.

Model Victoria Triay Klein shares, "People often think that if they workout for an hour and go by the day eating whatever they want is okay. But it is not. To stay physically healthy, it is crucial to follow a healthy diet. No one should follow a diet bythemselves. They should consult a professional nutritionist. You can have you cheat days. But you can't cheat every day and think you will achieve your goals if you workout more than you body's capacity."

On her Instagram page, Victoria keeps sharing posts of her boxing routine and her workout. Her followers find her posts quite interesting and motivating. Take a look at them below:

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