Delhi minister Raj Kumar Anand resigns
Delhi minister Raj Kumar Anand resigns

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's troubles are increasing every day. On one hand, the top leadership is behind bars, while on the other hand, their associates have also started freeing their hands. It has come to light that Patel Nagar MLA Rajkumar Anand has even resigned from the post of minister. While resigning from the party, he has raised questions about corruption in the party. Rajkumar Anand has said that he does not agree with the party's policy regarding corruption. 

While talking to the media, Rajkumar Anand also said, “I am Rajkumar Anand, I am a minister in Delhi Government, I have 7 portfolios but today I am very sad, so I have come to share my sorrow with you today… I came into politics then It was when Arvind Kejriwal ji had said that politics will change but today I have to say with regret that politics has not changed but politicians have changed… Aam Aadmi Party was also born from the movement against corruption but today the party itself It is stuck in the quagmire of corruption.”

Continuing his point, he said, “It has become uncomfortable for me to work as a minister in this government, I am resigning from this party, this government because I do not want my name to be associated with corrupt practices. I don't think we have any moral strength left to govern."

ED had raided in November 2023: Reports say that in November last year, when ED had called Chief Minister Kejriwal for questioning in the liquor scam, just before that, ED had raided the residence of Minister Rajkumar Anand. The Enforcement Directorate had reached the house of Delhi Government Minister Rajkumar Anand to raid. The ED team also investigated 9 places including the minister's official residence in Civil Lines. It was revealed that the ED team had raided the case related to Rajkumar Anand's business. Rajkumar Anand was also suspected to be involved in hawala transactions. This raid is also being linked to the customs case.

Who is Rajkumar Anand?: Rajkumar Anand became MLA from Patel Nagar seat for the first time in the year 2020. Before this, his wife Veena Anand had also been an MLA from the same assembly constituency. Rajkumar Anand was included in the cabinet in place of former Delhi government minister Rajendra Pal Gautam. Let us tell you that indecent remarks were made on Hindu Gods and Goddesses in a program of Buddhist conference, where Rajendra Pal Gautam was also present, after which there was a lot of uproar and Rajendra Gautam had to resign from the cabinet.

Fourth shock to CM Kejriwal in 24 hours, before this he got three shocks from the court: Reports say that Arvind Kejriwal, trapped in the money laundering case related to Delhi liquor scam, has received three big shocks in the last 24 hours. On Tuesday, the Delhi High Court in the case of challenging the arrest and custody and then on Wednesday, the Rouse Avenue Court was disappointed in the petition demanding the lawyers. In the afternoon, the news came from the Supreme Court also waiting for Kejriwal. Delhi CM The decision of Delhi HC was challenged. However, Kejriwal's application is not going to be heard immediately in SC. They will have to wait till next week. There will be no special bench in the Supreme Court. In such a situation, there does not seem to be any scope for the hearing to be held before Monday. 

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