Modi govt giving Rs 72,000 to married couples, know how you will get it
Modi govt giving Rs 72,000 to married couples, know how you will get it

There is great news for married couples. A special gift has been presented to married couples on behalf of the Modi government. According to the new scheme of the government, 72 thousand rupees will be given as a pension to each couple. Yes, this scheme has been launched as the National Pension Scheme for Traders and Self-Employed Persons (NPS-Traders). In order to get the benefit of this scheme, married people will have to invest 200 rupees every month. Yes, and only after that will they be entitled to get a pension.

Along with this, people of 30 years and above will get a pension. We should also inform all of you that in order to register under this scheme, it is necessary to have a savings or Jan Dhan account and Aadhaar card in the bank. The registration process takes 2 to 3 minutes. The monthly instalment has been fixed according to the registrant, which is between 55 and 200 rupees. If we understand this in simple language, then if a person is 30 years old, then under this scheme, he will have to invest 100 rupees per month.

This means Rs 1,200 a year. In such a situation, he will have to deposit a total of Rs 36,000 and after that, when he is 60 years old, the person will get Rs 3000 per month and after the death of the person, his spouse will get half of the pension per month i.e. Rs 1500. If both husband and wife are eligible for this scheme, then both can be a part of it. When they are 60 years old, both of them will get 6 thousand rupees per month jointly i.e. they will get a pension of 72000 rupees annually.

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