Looting of crores of rupees during PM Modi's tenure, this man makes shocking revealtions
Looting of crores of rupees during PM Modi's tenure, this man makes shocking revealtions

Badish Jindal, Chairman of All Industry and Trade Forum, has sent a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, revealing the robbery of billions being done daily in the name of GST. It has also been suggested that if this loot is to be stopped, then a Secretary level officer should be appointed in each state and instead of suggestions from corrupt officials, businessmen should be consulted. If the central government accepts both, then it will take only one year to make GDP five billion dollars. GST will also be 12 lakh crore to 24 lakh crore in a year.

In his statement, Badish Jindal said that thirty percent billing is not done in most states except petrol, diesel and vehicles. Passers are active at the state and inter-state level, who send goods to any place without bills. In most of the states, corrupt officers are playing the role of a passer. Which can send a truck anywhere from ten thousand to fifty rupees. If anyone raises any voice against these passers, then they are sent to jail or are killed.

For your information, let us tell you that every day billions of rupees are being played in GST input. The item for which the bill is saved, these bills are sold with a percentage. The buyer of this bill collects full refund from the government. The same thing is happening in import and export. For example, the entire GST refund is taken from the government by showing 12 percent cycle parts in 28 percent auto part. Some corrupt transport have got their fake GST registration done in every state, on the basis of this, two numbers of goods have been sent anywhere.

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