Mohammad Zubair has deleted his Facebook account
Mohammad Zubair has deleted his Facebook account

New Delhi: Mohammad Zubair, co-founder of propaganda portal Alt News, has deleted his Facebook account. In fact, Zubair's posts filled with Hindu hatred had gone viral on various social media platforms. After which he deleted his Facebook profile (AltNewsZubair) on 13 June 2022. Let us tell you that this is the same Mohammad Zubair, who instigated Muslim people and took to the streets for alleged blasphemy against former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma.


But, now that his posts have gone viral, it clearly shows the hatred towards Hinduism in Zubair's mind. This man has been accustomed to insulting Hindu gods and goddesses. Twitter user The Hawk Eye (@thehawkeye) shared a collage of some posts by Mohammad Zubair, mocking Hindu gods and beliefs. Hawk Eye wrote with a screenshot of Zubair's tweet that, 'It is easy to make fun of other's God, religion, culture and scriptures, because there is no result to be seen. The irony is that this tweet has been made by the same person, who made the entire country unrest by making an issue of such an incident and the violent devastation is still going on.

In a tweet shared by The Hawk Eye, Zubair mocked the Shivling and compared it to the top view of Vatican City. Similarly, Arun Govil's name has been used to mock Lord Ram in a post on Facebook page 'Unofficial Mohammad Zubair'. In this, Zubair has said that ISRO should consult Arun Govil, because he knows more about rocketry / aircraft.

Another post by 'Unofficial Mohammad Zubair' shows the underwater airplane together. In which Zubair has written that, 'Breaking: Underwater Pushpak Vimana used by Ravana 5000 years ago was found in the Indian Ocean.'

Apart from making fun of Hindu gods, Zubair has also ridiculed Hindu beliefs and took a jibe at Sanskrit. It is considered to be one of the most important languages ​​of Hinduism and the communication channel of Hindu gods.

Let us inform that since the instigation of Mohammad Zubair, former BJP national spokesperson Nupur Sharma is being continuously threatened with murder and rape by Muslim fundamentalists. Even a reward has been announced for those who killed him. After Zubair's instigation, fundamentalists have carried out violence and arson in many places in the country. In such a situation, the question is, will Zubair, who beat Nupur Sharma on the chest by accusing him of blasphemy, even look into his own pocket?

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