Mother and grandmother sold the baby for 9,000 only after she was born

Ranchi: sensational case of a newborn baby girl being sold for Rs 9,000 after delivery has come to light in Sribanshidhar Nagar of the Garhwa district of Jharkhand. Acting on a tip-off about the incident, police recovered the girl from the Kharondhi police station area of the district on Tuesday and handed her over to the CWC. The CWC then took the girl home with her parents. At the same time, in this incident that took place on June 25 at the Shribanshidhar Nagar Sub-Divisional Hospital, the mother of the newborn, Sita Devi, has denied the allegation of selling the child for 9,000 rupees. She said she was not conscious after delivery.  

When she did not see the child near her when she regained consciousness, she asked her mother about her. The mother said that Sahiya had taken her to get vaccinated. Sahiya, on the other hand, said that the mother of the maternity has been given nine thousand rupees in lieu of the child. Talking about the incident, Kharondhi police station in-charge Abhay Kumar said that the police have found the newborn girl from the house of a childless couple Dashrath Paswan and Prabha Devi from Nawadih Tola in the police station area. He said that during interrogation, Dashrath's wife Prabha Devi said that after discussing with Sita Devi and her mother Parimani Devi, she brought the child to her house with their consent.

Earlier on Monday, Sahiya along with Reena Devi had gone to Dashrath's house to bring the newborn's father Manoj Thakur and his family members to the newborn. At that time, Dashrath and his wife refused to give the child back. There was a dispute between the two sides. Disappointed at not being able to find the girl, Manoj Thakur had informed SDPO Pramod Kumar Kesari about the case on Tuesday morning and requested him to get the girl back.

CWC chairman Pranav Kumar said in connection with the incident that a case of selling the girl had come to light. On this, he was directed to be presented to the CWC. After the interrogation, the girl has been handed over to her biological parents. The police will now take legal action. SDPO Pramod Kumar Kesri has said that so far there has been no written complaint in the matter. For the above reason, no case has been registered.

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