Maulana raped a 12-year-old girl and then she got pregnant

Feb 26 2020 03:20 PM
Maulana raped a 12-year-old girl and then she got pregnant

Mandar: The matter which has come out recently from the Mandar police station area has surprised everyone. In this case, a 12 got pregnant and. At the same time, forcible abortion of the girl has also been done. In this case, after registering an FIR on the victim's statement, the police have arrested Maulana Shahid Ansari and sent him to jail. In this case, along with being the director of the accused madrasa, the father of three children has also been told. Talking about the entire case, the accused is a resident of Malati village and for many years he was running a residential private madrasa near his village.

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When the police investigated this matter, they came to know that the deal of minor's womb was done for 85 thousand rupees and the police have also started action against private nursing home involved in abortion. Police say Shahid Ansari raped the student while studying, after which she became pregnant. Not only this, when the girl was conceived for four months, Shahid felt it, so she forced a minor abortion in a private nursing home in Ratu two weeks ago to cover up the crime.

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In this case, the police say that many people were aware of the incident through the girls studying in the madrasa and after this many parents had rescued their girls and called them home. According to the information found there, one by one, when many girls started leaving the madrasa, Maulana started claiming that she was innocent and called the incident false. At the same time, he had also prepared the victim's family to undergo a DNA test and to perform abortions through his relatives by showing fear of slander. The police took quick action in this case and took the statement of the victim and arrested Shahid.

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