'My business has increased because of PM Modi..', Manzoor Ahmed of Kashmir himself told his story in Mann Ki Baat

Srinagar: People of many unique talents are present in the cities and villages of India. In the era of social media only such talented people have got maximum benefits. Today was the 100th episode of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's radio program 'Mann Ki Baat'. In this, PM Modi mentioned many old memories. It is true that whatever PM Modi mentioned in Mann Ki Baat, the whole country came to know about those people and their business increased tremendously. Earlier these people were doing small works. One such name is Manzoor Ahmed of Kashmir.

Let us tell you that, for decades, there was a shadow of Islamic terrorism in the valley. However, the valley has had a good timber business since its inception as well as tourism. But, due to terrorism and separatism, these people could not set up large scale companies or factories. PM Modi had mentioned Manzoor Ahmed in his Mann Ki Baat program. Manzoor lives in Okhu village under Pulwama district. They do the business of pencil and slate. However, their business did not run the way it is running now. PM Modi mentioned him in the 100th episode. The PM asked Manzoor how his pencil and slate business is going now.

On which Manzoor Ahmed told that he is very happy now. Ever since he has been mentioned in the Prime Minister's programme. Since then his business has grown tremendously. Till now about 200 people work in his company, but now he is about to open another factory. In which there will be more than 200 employees. This will benefit the people of nearby villages. Actually, you must have heard the name of Pulwama of Kashmir only for encounter and terrorist activities, but Manzoor Ahmed changed the name of this village and that too with his work. Now people know this village by the name of Pencil Village.

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