Mystery of youth distributing notes in Haldwani, police engaged in investigation
Mystery of youth distributing notes in Haldwani, police engaged in investigation

After the video of a young man distributing notes in Banbhulpura of Haldwani went viral, the police has started investigation. In the video, the young man can be seen distributing notes to people in the streets. Police say that the youth is a resident of Hyderabad and from where he got such a huge amount, investigation is being done.

Let us tell you that on February 8, violence broke out in Haldwani, in which many people lost their lives and many were injured. Curfew was imposed in the city after the violence.

Young man came from Hyderabad, distributed cash worth lakhs

According to the information, a youth from Hyderabad reached Banbhulpura and started distributing notes among the people. He had a big bag full of wads of notes. The video of this case went viral on social media.

Nainital police started investigation

Regarding the viral video, Nainital Police said that the video is being investigated. The video was shared from an Instagram account named salman khan hyc. The name of the young man who distributed bundles of notes is Salman and he is a resident of Hyderabad. He had reached Banbhulpura with cash worth lakhs.

What did the SSP say?

Nainital SSP Prahlad Narayan Meena said that in the case of distribution of money among the people in Banbhulpura, information has been received that people of some NGO from Hyderabad have distributed money to some people here. At present the matter is being investigated. Where did this money come from and through what medium, it is also being ascertained. Further action will be taken based on whatever facts emerge in the investigation.

Help or conspiracy to those affected by violence?

It is not yet clear why the young man distributed the money among the people. Some people say that he was helping the violence affected, while some say that it could be part of a conspiracy. Police are investigating the matter and the truth is expected to come out soon.

This incident raises several questions:

  • Where did the young man get such a huge amount of money from?
  • Is he associated with any NGO?
  • Did he take permission to distribute money to people?
  • Was this an attempt to help the violence affected or part of a conspiracy?

The police is trying to find answers to all these questions. Only after investigation will it be known what was the real motive of the youth. This incident can cause tension in Haldwani. The police will have to investigate this matter as soon as possible and bring out the truth. It should also be kept in mind that this incident can also be used to create social and religious tension. People should be cautious and should not believe any kind of rumours.

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