Nalin Kohli said on operation of BJP, says, 'Country's army is allowed to eliminate terrorists'
Nalin Kohli said on operation of BJP, says, 'Country's army is allowed to eliminate terrorists'

The Central Government of India had laid a strong foundation during its tenure and with the help of this foundation, it is moving ahead with the development works across the country. Many such schemes have also been implemented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi across the country, which has directly benefited every section of the society. Even though the Opposition has made a hue and cry about the schemes, but the people of this country also know how much they have benefited from these schemes.

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At a press conference in Dharamshala, National spokesperson of BJP and in-charge of Meghalaya Nalin Kohli said this. He said that the country has also faced challenges from the point of view of security and the soldiers have also been completely exempted to fight terrorism. Take some concrete steps which were necessary in the interest of the country. BJP governments run not from remote but from public sentiments, which is exemplified by the functioning of the governments running in the BJP ruled states.

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In his statement, Nalin Kohli further said that many steps have also been taken to fight the epidemic like Covid-19. He said that in the changing circumstances after the lockdown due to Covid-19, the economy has started improving, so the steps towards self-sufficiency are also ahead of the country. Responding to the allegations made by the opposition on the central government, the opposition's job is to criticize but it should not be politically motivated. He said that the scandal in the health department in the state is under investigation, so Congress should send the morality text. He said that the cabinet expansion in the state is dependent on the government and when the time comes, there will be expansion. Rajya Sabha MP Indu Goswami, Kangra parliamentary constituency in-charge and state general minister Trilok Kapoor, Rakesh Sharma, Chandra Bhushan Nag, Sachin Sharma and Narayan Thakur were also present on the occasion.

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