NASA cancels all-female spacewalk, citing lack of spacesuit in right size
NASA cancels all-female spacewalk, citing lack of spacesuit in right size

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration  (NASA) has cancelled the historic first all-female spacewalk due to anavialibity spacesuit sizes that could fit them.

TChristina Koch and Anne McClain- were preparing to conduct the spacewalk on March 29 but now due to the shortage of medium-sized spacesuit, the NASA has scrapped the first women-only spacewalk. Both the Astronauts which were planned to walk together in space wear a medium-size torso but only one is available at the International Space Station leading to a shortage of one more medium-sized spacesuit. 

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In a statement, NASA said, "McClain worked outside the station last week – with Hague – when she realised that a “medium”-sized upper half of her spacesuit fit her better. Because only one medium-size torso can be made ready by Friday, March 29, Koch will wear it." However, the space mission will still be conducted but Christina Koch will be accompanied by male astronaut-Nick Hague instead of Anne McClain. And the first women-only mission will be held some other day. 

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US based space agenacy further stated, "McClain now is tentatively scheduled to perform her next spacewalk – the third in this series – on Monday, April 8 with Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint Jacques.

The March 29 spacewalk will begin at 8:20 a.m while the April 8 spacewalk is scheduled to start at 8:05 a.m. The live coverage of both spacewalks will start at 6:30 a.m.


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