'Naseeruddin Shah is a very good actor but his intentions are not good', why did Manoj Tiwari say this?

The opinion of film stars has been divided about the famous film 'The Kerala Story'. Recently, Naseeruddin Shah described the success of the film as dangerous and compared it to Nazi Germany. He also said that there was a time when Hitler used to ask filmmakers to make films that appreciate the leader. Bhojpuri actor Manoj Tiwari has targeted Naseeruddin Shah for his statement. He questioned his intentions and said if he had a problem, he could go to court.

Sudipto Sen's film 'The Kerala Story' was supported by Manoj Tiwari. Talking to the media, Manoj Tiwari said, 'Naseeruddin Shah is a very good actor but his intentions are not good. I am saying this with great sadness. Naseeruddin Sahab, when films were made in this country and it was shown that Bania sitting on the pamphlet used to look at every girl with a dirty eye, you did not say anything that day. '

Manoj Tiwari further said that 'The Kerala Story is made on the basis of fact. If Naseeruddin Shah has a problem, he can go to court. You can deny that Kashmir Files and Kerala Story are based on facts. It is easy to talk about but what he has introduced himself is not good as an Indian, as a human being.' Earlier, Naseeruddin Shah had said, "Mob rumours and faraz all three films flopped. People did not come to see him but are going to see The Kerala Story. This is a dangerous trend. I haven't seen the film and I don't intend to watch it. I've already read a lot about it." 

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