Another big truth regarding Trilochan Singh Wazir murder case, police astonished

Jammu: A new truth has emerged in the murder case of Jammu and Kashmir National Conference leader Trilochan Singh Wazir. A confession and alleged suicide letter were uploaded on the Facebook profile of murder suspect Harmeet Singh. Harmeet Singh has posted 5 pages on his Facebook profile which says that he (Harmeet) himself has done it, not Harpreet.

Earlier, Harpreet Singh, the absconding criminal in the case, had called a close one of his relatives after killing him and said that he and Harmeet had killed Trilochan Singh together and take away the body. When the police scanned Harpreet Singh's mobile records, it was found that after this phone, the mobile came and stopped in the New Delhi area. The confession, which was then uploaded on Harmeet Singh's Facebook profile, has given a new twist to the story.

The note is also said to have written about Harmeet's suicide. According to Harmeet's alleged suicide note, Trilochan alias Wazir wanted to kill him so he shot himself dead. However, the police are also investigating the authenticity of the confession. At the same time, it is being seen what could be the motive behind uploading a handwritten suicide note on a Facebook profile when different police teams are giving a tip-off to Jammu and Amritsar in search of Harmeet and Harpreet.

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