Controversy over keeping a maid, Kalyugi's daughter-in-law slaps her mother-in-law

Chandigarh: A video of a daughter-in-law assaulting her mother-in-law at Rajendra Park in Gurugram, Haryana is going viral. The video shows the daughter-in-law assaulting her mother-in-law. The daughter-in-law is openly slapping her mother-in-law while other members of the house are present on the spot. To the extent that when neighbours came home to resolve the dispute after seeing a quarrel in the house, the woman also assaulted those neighbours.

The woman also called her family members and assaulted neighbours and her mother-in-law. A police complaint has now been lodged over the whole matter. Police are currently investigating the case. In fact, the victim's mother-in-law says that no maid was hired to work at home, which escalated the controversy and escalated to such an increase that the young daughter-in-law started assaulting her mother-in-law. The victim's mother-in-law says she lived in the upstairs room, having problems working. She asked his son to arrange for the worker because she had difficulty working. The son told this to his wife. His wife was furious and refused to hire.

The controversy then escalated to such an extent that the woman misbehaved with her mother-in-law and even slapped her. The victim's mother-in-law says her daughter-in-law used to beat her for several days, but she didn't tell anyone about it. Police are currently investigating the entire case after receiving a complaint and are taking further action to get the people with whom the dispute took place.

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