Navaratri recipe: sweet delicious Akkaravadisal
Navaratri recipe: sweet delicious Akkaravadisal

Akkaravadisal or Akkara adisil is more similar to sweet pongal/ sakkarai pongal the main difference is the texture and the milk proportion. Akkaravadisal tastes rich, smooth, creamy and saffron adds a mild rich flavor. The main things in akkara vadisal is the milk/ water ratio with which the rice and payatham paruppu/Moong dal is cooked.  More Ghee more delicious is the akkaravadisal

Sweet Pongal Recipe to offer Devi on this Navaratri


1. 1/2 cup Raw rice
2. 2 tbsp Moong dal/ paasi paruppu
3. 2+1 cup Milk
4. ½ cup Water
5. ½ cup Jaggery
6. 2 tbsp Sugar
7. ¼ cup + 1 tbsp Ghee
8. 1 Cardamom
9. 6 Cashew nut

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Method of Preparation: 

1. In a heavy bottomed pan add 1 tblsp ghee, roast the broken small pieces of Cashewnuts until golden and transfer to a bowl, keep aside. Soak saffron in a tblsp of warm milk, set aside.
2. Add moong dal, rice to the same ghee and roast for a minute in a medium flame. Add milk.
Add water to this and boil.
3. Pressure cook for 3 whistles  in medium flame(if cooked in direct pressure cooker method) and 5 whistles if cooked separated in a container inside the cooker. 
4. Once done, mash the rice well and add the remaining 1 cup (boiledmil). Mash and mix well.
5. Continue heating and add 2 tblsp of ghee, powdered jaggery. Mix well until jaggery dissolves.
6. Add another 2 tblsp ghee, sugar and continue mixing. Keep the flame in medium. Stir for 3-4 minutes and add saffron along with the milk and another 2 tblsp of ghee.
7. Stir well for 2 minutes adding the  last 2 tblsp ghee, cardamom powder, roasted cashews and switch off the flame.

The consistency of this sweet must be mushy, bit on a runny side when you switch off the flame. Later it gets thickened. You can keep hot milk ready to adjust the consistency if it gets thickened and tyake care of sweetness. Always serve hot to get the full sweetness and taste of this sweet. You can reheat while serving. If at room temperature, the ghee may suppress the sweetness, so serve hot. 

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