Naxalite terror in Chhattisgarh; killed government servant
Naxalite terror in Chhattisgarh; killed government servant

Kanker: On 20 February last night, Naxals killed a scribe Jaggu Mandal engaged in the construction of a culvert in Katgaon under the Pratappur police station area of Kanker district of Chhattisgarh. This culvert construction work was being done on the Mendaki River. Jaggu Mandal reached there to take care of him. On getting information about this, armed Naxalites reached there and killed Jaggu Mandal.

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It is noteworthy that Jaggu Mandal was staying in a bamboo hut near Mendki river. First, the Naxalites took him out of the hut and adopted him with a sharp weapon and killed him. After killing, the Naxalites threw the young man's body near the village. Naxalites also threw some threatening pamphlets near the corpse, stating that the contractors who constructed the road would be punished.

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It is being told that after carrying out the incident, the Naxalites also set a bike parked nearby and a bamboo hut made for the scribe. Gupta Construction is doing this construction work. However, since this massacre, the sensation has spread in the Parlakot area. At the same time, Pratappur police reached the spot and got involved in the investigation.

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