Police issued challan of a cab driver for not having condom in his first aid kit

Sep 22 2019 09:55 AM
Police issued challan of a cab driver for not having condom in his first aid kit

New Delhi: The Motor Vehicle Act, which enforced in the country from September 1, has created trouble for those who violate traffic rules. There are reports of heavy challans being cut every day due to violation of traffic rules. Somewhere the challan of 6 lakhs has been cut, and somewhere the challan of 3 lakhs has been cut. The newly purchased scooty also has an invoice of more than 1 lakh rupees cut from its price, while today a unique case has come to light, today a cab driver's challan has been cut because the condom was not present in his car.

Yes, you read it right. The challan of a cab driver in Delhi was issued because he did not place a condom in the first aid box of his car. When a cab cop Dharmendra was stopped by a traffic policeman on Nelson Mandela Road in Delhi, he had all the documents of the vehicle with him. After this, when the police saw their first aid box, the police could not find a condom in it.

The traffic police challan was issued by the traffic police. However, when the driver received the receipt of the challan, it was not mentioned that there was no condom in it, but was told over speed. After this, there is a discussion among the cab drivers that if the condom is not carried then the challan will be issued. Now cab drivers are walking with condoms with them.

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