Now you can also reduce the electricity bill in the pinch, just have to do this work.
Now you can also reduce the electricity bill in the pinch, just have to do this work.

Every day every year, the temperature is making new records. This summer season is not taking the name of ending and in such a situation, coolers and ACs are being required throughout the day. Coolers and ACs are very comfortable, but due to running them at the end of the month , the increased electricity bill is disturbing. Today we are going to tell you about a trick that will allow you to reduce your month's  electricity bill by 95%.   

Use these fantastic devices: Almost everyone will know that solar panels are used a lot to save electricity and reduce electricity bills. But it is very necessary to have a roof to install these which is usually not coming to the people living in the flat separately. In such a situation, in place  of solar panels, you can install 'solar biscuits'. They are quite cheap, easy to use and they save a lot of electricity.  

How these 'solar biscuits' work: If you are wondering what this solar biscuit is after all, then let us tell you that it is actually a unit of the part of a solar plant, to use it, you have to resurve it. Then, when one person or a group is using electricity from those solar biscuits, you are getting a return (credit). This is a new way of green investment, which can also greatly reduce carbon emissions.   

The electricity bill will be reduced by 95%!: By using it you will be able to reduce your electricity bill by 95%. Let us tell you that a solar biscuit is being given with a capacity of 10W and  the price of which is Rs 600. In which the credits that you get by investing, with the help of them, the electricity bill is reduced. Mathew, founder of solar biscuit company SundayGrids, says that if your month's electricity bill is worth Rs 6,000, you will be able to bring it down to Rs 300 (about 95 per cent). It depends on how many biscuits you buy.

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